~~~Must Read First Before Making New Thread~~~

Installer Issues via Installer -- Not for global upgrades or upgrading individual packages -- ONLY ISSUES WITH INSTALLATION OF THE OS -- Can't get Sabayon installed, than post here, otherwise use correct forums

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~~~Must Read First Before Making New Thread~~~

Post by wolfden » Sat Jul 14, 2007 5:09

When making a post please include as much information as possible. This includes the version of Sabayon Linux you are working with. Tells us what you have tried and the last thing you did before things went bad. Give as much hardware details as possible. You will save a lot of time and grief by giving us as much information as possible. Try searching for your solution first, more than likely you are not alone, we get lots and lots of redundant threads.

Things we need to know first:
What exact version are you trying to install?
Did you check the md5sum?
How to md5sum:
http://wiki.sabayonlinux.org/index.php? ... our_MD5SUM
Did you burn it as slow as possible and verify burn?
How to verify your disk:
http://www.sabayonlinux.org/forum/viewt ... 50&t=11094
Did you try the cheat codes and if so, which ones?
How to Cheat Codes:
http://wiki.sabayonlinux.org/index.php? ... heat_Codes
List of Cheat Codes
http://wiki.sabayonlinux.org/index.php? ... c_Hardware

Install without a DVD drive
http://wiki.sabayonlinux.org/index.php? ... _The_Image

UNetbootin also is supporting Sabayon Linux - makes a USB device boot Sabayon

Live Linux USB Creator - also for USB devices for booting Sabayon and running Sabayon in Windows

UNetbootin and Live Linux USB Creator are pretty much self explanatory for usage. Select the iso file and than select your USB device and let it do it's thing.

Please provide

How to reproduce
What you did prior to breakage
What OS/DE are you running


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[HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by rand.a » Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:06

I'm writing this guide to help out those of you beginners that all seem to make the same mistake while seeking support. Almost all problems beginners will run into were already solved when a previous beginner asked about it. So the solution most likely exists somewhere and this guide is to inform beginners on how to find these preexisting solutions. I will also explain how to properly ask for help, in cases where resources on the web are insufficient to solve your problem.

Finding the problem

Too often do we get people on the forums and irc that just say "suchandsuch program doesn't work." Crazy as it seems, that is nowhere near enough information for anyone to help you.

In Linux, when a program doesn't work, or it crashes, information regarding the problem is displayed in whats called "stderr" output. In a GUI environment, this information is not popped up in some dialog with a "Sad Mac" icon next to it. In most cases this output is sent to a log somewhere, most logs live in /var/log, but a simple way to find the error output is to just run the program from a terminal. This should give you verbose output in the terminal, and give you enough information to start looking for a solution.


A well known treasure trove of problems and their solutions are forums. Sabayon forums and Gentoo forums are a great place to start looking for threads related to your problem. Any Linux forum can be helpful, but please DO NOT post on another distro's forum about a problem in Sabayon, its not their job to support Sabayon, we support our distro and they support theirs.


If you are looking more for a guide or a "HowTo" for something, Wikis are the place to look. The Sabayon Wiki will have many things that are more Sabayon-specific, but the Gentoo Wiki is a huge resource for any task on a gentoo-based distro (which of course Sabayon is.)


Sure, everyone knows about Google and what it does (if you don't, God help you...) but do they really know how to enter a query in a way that will return the best results? Here are a few tips:
  • Prefix your search terms with "sabayon" or "gentoo" or even just "linux." You may also want try "sabayon forums" or "gentoo wiki" as prefixes as well. I find most forum and wiki site's search to be inadequate, google can be a much more efficient way to search for wiki pages and sometimes forum threads as well.

    Don't just try one query and give up. Try different keywords, mix them around, add more details or simplify your keywords. Words like "the" or "to" or "of" shouldn't be in your query, they are to generic to really help.

    Copy and paste part or all of the error you are getting and google it. More than half of the time you'll find a solution to your exact situation.
These tips don't just apply to google, they are helpful on any kind of query on wikis or forums or whatever.

Asking for Help

After you have done your best to find answers on the web, you may still need help or even just clarification. When it is time to start a thread or join IRC, be sure to have pertinent information prepared for the support staff in order for them to assist you. Here are some tips for dealing with support staff:
  • For hardware-related issues, be sure to have detailed hardware information on-hand (run lspci in a root terminal) and know the versions of your drivers and kernel.

    For software-related issues, have the error output or build logs available and specify what versions you of the software you are working with.

    Terms like "latest" "newest" "most recent" are not versions, please specify the exact version when asked.

    Output like "ERROR: suchandsuch program failed" is not an error, it is only the notification that an error occurred. The actual error will be farther up in the log. If you don't know how to spot errors, just post the entire log.

    In IRC "pastebin" does not mean paste in the channel. It means to use a pastebin service such as http://rafb.net/paste or http://pastebin.ca. If you paste more than 3 lines in our IRC channel you will be kicked and repeat offenders will be banned!
Final Note

If you are lazy and have not exhausted the resources on the web before asking for help, do not be surprised if the responses you get are abrasive or even insulting. People have spent their precious time writing guides and solving issues for the sake of the community, they should not have to repeat themselves just because you are too lazy to look for the answer yourself.

Do not take these curt responses personally, they are only out of frustration. The staff are not arrogant or elitist, they are just sick of answering the same questions, that can be answered by a simple google query, over and over again.

Don't be so quick to blame. User error is the most common cause for problems, so be prepared to accept that when it turns out to be the case.

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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by eshum » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:28

User error now thats something I am familiar with. :)


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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by ashley194 » Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:52

Most commonly referred to as EBKAC (Error Between Keyboard And Chair) :lol:

Great guide, not onyl noobs 8)


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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by adambier » Thu Feb 21, 2008 10:03

Great guide but please be more patient for new user; forums and wiki have too many informations and not everyone can find the best solutions; community support is very important to make distro strong and growing, to keep distro alive.

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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by chickpea » Thu Feb 21, 2008 19:02

Community support needs active users, not passive "please feed me commands to fix this" users. We are not tech support, we don't get paid for this, you have not paid for this. Please use this post as a guide to finding the questions we have already answered (some ad nauseum). My full support to Convict for this post.

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[HOWTO]: Non sembrare stupidi sul forum o su IRC (by c0nv1ct

Post by red.hell » Thu Feb 21, 2008 22:03

[HOWTO]: Non sembrare stupidi sul forum o su IRC (by c0nv1ct tradotto da red.hell)

Sto scrivendo questa guida per aiutare i principianti che sembrano commettere sempre gli stessi errori quando chiedono supporto. Quasi tutti i problemi in cui incorrono i principianti sono girati dove sono stati già risolti, quando un'altro principiante li aveva già chiesti. Per cui la soluzione sembra esistere da qualche parte e questa guida è per informare i principianti su come ricavare queste soluzioni preesistenti. Spiegherà inoltre come chiedere aiuto correttamente, nel caso le risorse sul web siano insufficienti alla soluzione del vostro problema.

Trovare il problema

Troppo spesso ci sono persone sui forum e su irc che dicono solo "questo e questo programma non funzionano". Sembro pazzo ma non ci sono sufficienti informazioni per aiutarti.

In Linux, quando un problema non funziona o crasha, le informazioni riguardanti il problema sono scritte in quello che è chiamato "stderr" output. In un ambiente grafico queste informazioni non compaiono in un pop-up con un icona di errore. Nella maggior parte dei casi questo output viene inviato ad un log sa qualche parte, la maggior parte sono in /var/log, ma il modo più semplice per trovare l'errore è di eseguire il programma da un terminale. Questo dovrebbe fornirvi un output esplicito nel terminale, e darvi sufficienti informazioni per cercare una soluzione.


Un ben conosciuto scrigno di problemi con la soluzione sono i forum. I forum di Sabayon e Gentoo sono ottimi posti per cercare discussioni relative al vostro problema. Ogni forum riguardante Linux può essere utile, ma per favore NON postate in forum di altre distro, non è il loro impiego supportare Sabayon, noi supportiamo la nostra distribuzione e loro supportano la loro.


Se state cercando una guida o un NowTo per qualcosa i Wiki sono i posti da guardare. Il Wiki di Sabayon avrà molte cose relative a Sabayon, ma il Wiki di Gentoo è una risorsa sterminata per ogni faccenda riguardante una distribuzione basata su Gentoo (come Sabayon).


Tutti sanno cos'è Google e cosa fa, ma si conosce realmente come inserire una ricerca che ritorni i migliori risultati? Alcuni aiuti:
  • Mettere prima del vostro termine di ricerca "sabayon" o "gentoo" o almeno "linux". Potreste provare come prefizzo anche "sabayon forum" o "gentoo wiki". Ho trovato molti motori di ricerca di forum o wiki inadeguati, google può essere molto più efficiente per cercare nei wiki o nelle pagine di un forum.

    Non abbandonate dopo solo una ricerca. Provate differenti parole chiave, mischiatele, aggiungete maggiori dettagli o semplificare le vostre ricerche. Parole come "il" o "a" non dovrebbero stare nella ricerca, sono troppo generiche per fornire aiuto.

    Copiate e incollate parte o tutto l'errore che avete e googlate (licenza poetica). Più della metà delle volte che troverete una soluzione è la vostra esatta situazione.
Questi aiuti non vanno solo applicati a google ma sono utili in ogni tipo di ricerca in wiki o forum.

Chiedere aiuto

Dopo aver fatto il massimo possibile per trovare una risposta sul web, vi servirà ancora aiuto o almeno un chiarimento. Quando è tempo di cominciare una discussione o accedere ad IRC, siate sicuri di avere le informazioni pertinenti per aiutare lo staff per poterti aiutare. Ci sono alcuni aiuti per come comportarsi con lo staff di supporto:
  • Per problemi relativi all'hardware siate sicuri di avere informazioni dettagliate riguardo all'hardware sotto mano (eseguite "lspci" in un terminale di root) e ricavate le versioni del driver e del kernel.

    Per problemi relativi al software, avere l'output di errore o i log delle compilazioni e specificare su quale versione del software state lavorando.

    Termini come "l'ultimo", "il più nuovo", "il più recente" non sono versioni, specificate la versione esatta quando richiesta.

    Un output come "ERROR: questo programma non funziona" on è un errore, è solo la notifica che c'è stato un errore. L'errore sarà stato scritto nel log. Se non sapete come scegliere l'errore postate tutto il log.

    Copiare in IRC non vuol dire copiare nel canale. Significa usare un servizio di "copiaggio" (ndt. come caspita lo traduco pastebin...???) come http://rafb.net/paste o http://pastebin.ca. Se copiate più di 3 righe nel nostro canale IRC verrete espulsi e nel caso di ripetizione verrete bannati.
Note finali

Se siete scansafatiche e non avete sufficientemente indagato le risorse in rete prima di chiedere aiuto, non siate sorpresi se le risposte saranno irritate o vi insulteranno. Persone che hanno speso il loro tempo prezioso scrivendo guide o risolvendo problemi per il bene della comunità, non dovrebbero ripetersi solo perchè siete troppo pigri per cicercare da voi la soluzione.

Non prendete queste risposte stizzite personalmente, sono solo sintomo di frustrazione. I membri dello staff non sono arroganti o elitari, sono solo stufi di rispondere alle stesse domande, che possono essere risposte solo con una ricerca su google.

Non siate troppo precipitosi. Gli errori più comuni sono quelli degli utenti, per cui siate pronti ad accettare questa considerazione.

ndt: i miei 2 cent. il discorso è molto importante, ma penso che uno che non sa queste basilari regole di un forum prima posta il problema, sbagliando, poi magari legge questo post...

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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by fiorello » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:31

Non metterei le colpe sull ' utente scansafatiche. La comunita è troppo piccola , prendi un grande comunita come su Ubuntu le domande di aiuto sono sempre più o meno le stesse , quelle che cambia sono gli utenti che rispondono non sono mai gli stessi ,posti un problema ce ne sono 10 pronti a rispondere, ci vuole pazienza se altrimenti si rischia di farli scappare , quando anche noi saremo una grande comunita ,avremo molti piu utenti pronti a rispondere , è non avremo più problemi con utenti scansafatiche.
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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by WarraWarra » Fri Feb 22, 2008 21:36

Yup it would help a lot if anyone with a bit of extra time can jump into a Question and post some advice or help search for advice / possible fixes or stuff you had errors with + have a good clue how to fix it and post to users with questions.

No one will flame you like in any other forums / website for trying to help , maybe the guy with the question when he is frustrated.
Just try and be patient as the questioner is not agro at you , he is just frustrated and so post in a friendly way as you can some of the fixes you have found / found to work for you etc.
Ask if you do not understand as either we will presume you are familiar with linux or newby and so post a answer according , this is just to help not to talk down to anyone with a problem even though it seems this way. :oops:

I frequently stuff up on many of the hd's I have several SL versions on and have to go and search for solutions or "save page as" within my desktop linux folder about fixes + tweaks I searched for in the past.

We all started out like this by trial and many errors and as usual there is plenty ways to fix a bug some more easier and posting + someone else with more experience can suggest a easier way , that is how I learned a lot of stuff + searching and still learning.

This is a forum or a place of discussion within the specific topic so lets discuss and help where we can. The more we have to help the better this Distro will become and the more time the developers / testers etc can have to do their thing.

As Chickpea mentioned , a moderators purpose is actually here on the forums to check for unpleasant remarks / posts or wrong files post within a topic and move it and not really tech support so feel free to help with answers, either way I / we do not have all the answers we would like to LOL.

5 cheers to Convict and Chickpea and all the others helping out. :D
SL rocks and so does the great guys helping out / using it / developing it / testing it / etc.

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Re: [HOWTO]: Not Look Stupid on Forums and IRC

Post by Nicolas » Sat Feb 23, 2008 17:25

It would also help if people read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

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