Automatic partitioning questions

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Automatic partitioning questions

Post by denijane » Thu Dec 13, 2018 18:59

Since my ssd-drive was replaced, I had to do a fresh install over the hard where the repair guys had installed Windows 10. Since I didn't feel like partitioning I used the automatic partitioning option.So now I have the following partitions:
/dev/sda1 500MB recovery
/dev/sda2 100MB /boot/efi
/dev/sda3 16MB unknown
/dev/sda4 100GB /
/dev/sda5 736GB /home
/dev/sda6 500MB /boot
/dev/sda7 100GB lvm2_pv sabayn_sabayon
My questions are:
- what is the 100GB lvm2_pv partition?
- does it have to be 100GB- they seem unused.
- why the automatic installer doesn't have an option for setting up SWAP?Mine is only 8GB and I find that depressing (I have 16Gb RAM and tend to use them all in my work)
- 500MB boot partition? Can't it be like 50MB?
- I have an entry in GRUB called Windows 10. I will remove it eventually, but where is this bootloader residing? On the 16MB unknown?

P.S.Something I really disliked in the instal-gui is that it doesn't function as gparted - when you tell him to delete the whole hard, it doesn't allow you to start
with a clean unformatted disk to partition, instead you still have all the partitions and you can't resize them or anything, just choose to reformat and blah blah. Really annoying. Probably it's not something you can change but I had to vent.

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