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Maybe it was Only a Shame, but If the United States Golf Association
And Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews collectively
introduced their most distressing report on driving space up to now, it arrived the
day following the area average in the WGC-Mexico Championship jumped to almost 306
yards, 13 metres longer than the excursion typical for 2017 and the ninth occasion this
year to surpass last season's record-setting driving average of 292.5 metres.


This brand new report, together with remarks officials have left in
Private and public, suggests golf rules-makers are inching nearer to a gear rollback, principles bifurcation or any mix. The report does not
explicitly state, only a need for "a thoughtful dialogue"
and "an inclusive and open procedure." Nonetheless, the specter of shift
looms: Distance, the judgment bodies are saying, is formally an problem. ... 00b9290844

Immediately two of the chief organizations of golf disputed
The report, and it is important to notice that with no PGA Tour consensus, a
rollback is not possible. In a letter to gamers, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay
Monahan stated: "we don't feel the trends indicate a substantial or
abnormal growth in space since 2003, or by 2016 to 2017. We'll
continue to collaborate and share information with the USGA and the R&A ... and
so are optimistic our views will align"

Pete Bevacqua, CEO of the PGA of America, that has a membership
Of 29,000 PGA pros and conducts the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup,
was more direct: "We're highly doubtful that rolling the golf ball
in part or whole will probably be in the best interests of the game and our collective
efforts to develop the game"

Reasonable minds looking in the Very Same amounts and attaining
Various conclusions indicates the "thoughtful dialogue"
period can be protracted and controversial. For reference, the rancorous
groove-rule argument took five years from proposal to implementation. A gear rollback could have a lot more barriers to overcome.

The space report's March launch was preceded by
Increasingly strong expressions of concern. One year ago, USGA Executive
Director Mike Davis contested the time limits, increasing prices and resource
deficits that golf expanding footprint has triggered, wondering, "Has

been great for the game" But in that exact same meeting, Davis also explained:
"We do not anticipate any need to perform a compulsory rollback."

Subsequently at the USGA's Annual Meeting in February, Davis bluntly
Contested golf influence on the environment and stated the growth in driving
space "does compromise the architectural integrity of several marvelously
designed golf courses."

A week after, R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers was

Pointed, indicating the report could demonstrate that driving distances had gone out of
a "slow creep" into "quite a large leap," something that he said the
USGA and R&A's 2002 Joint Statement of Principles had pledged to safeguard

"If you look at this information, we've probably crossed that
Line in the sand," Slumbers explained. "A significant discussion is currently required
about where we go." ... nder-Watch

R&A main: The current "slow creep" is now
"quite a large leap."

That conversation has no doubt been moving behind the scenes.
The appointment of Hall of Famer and three-time key winner Nick Price into
the USGA Executive Committee last fall was not any mere honorarium. Cost, the
highest-profile participant to serve on the Executive Committee, is a longtime
proponent of reining in space.

Fourteen days prior to the space report has been issued, Jack Nicklaus,
Possibly the game's top rollback proponent, intimated that he was
ensured by Davis that something was in the functions to limit driving space.
" 'We are going to have there,' " Nicklaus said Davis told him. " ' I want your help Once We get there.' "

Bolstered by Fox's $1.2 billion television contract, the USGA
Perhaps believes it does not need as much assistance to push to get a rollback, particularly
against a golf-manufacturing community battling because of its
respective base lines at a downward market.

However, Acushnet, manufacturer of Titleist golf balls,
Is not staying silent. For years, Acushnet was headed by Wally Uihlein, the
eloquent anti-rollback attack puppy. In the event the judgment bodies believed the report's
time would meet resistance with Uihlein's recent retirement, then they had been
incorrect. David Maher, Uihlein's replacement, took up the cause with the exact same
fact-based skepticism.

"Any motion as in 2017 Isn't unexpectedly indicative of a
Harmful tendency," Maher said. He explained what he said was a discrepancy from the
report A surge in driving distance at three of those four majors in 2017
accounted for a third of their profit in driving distance on the PGA Tour for many
of 2017. This comprised a 20.4-yard leap to the U.S. Open, 8.1 metres to the
Open Championship and seven metres to the PGA Championship. Conversely, when
comparing occasions performed on the very same courses year annually, Maher said the profit
from 2016 to 2017 was half a lawn.

"A closer look into the amounts in the document underscores
The intricacy of making any meaningful year-to-year comparisons," he
explained. "There were many contributing factors in 2017, such as course
selection and installation, agronomic weather and conditions, that have to be
taken into consideration when assessing the information"

The USGA's first two accounts on driving space, in 2015 and
2016, revealed only small gains. However, 2017's numbers showed a different and
unexplained growth. The normal space profit for the seven specialist
tours was greater than three yards (when compared with 0.2 yards annually as 2003).
This comprised a virtually seven-yard hop on the Tour at 2017, the first
major professional excursion to moderate over 300 yards (302.9).

There is another way to Check at the amounts, particularly those on
the PGA Tour. With the almost three-yard average profit in 2017, forcing space
since 2003 has climbed only 6.6 yards. That is an average of less than half of a
lawn each year. Conversely, in the years leading up to 2003-a decade which
motivated the judgment bodies to state space proved to be a problem-the driving-distance
average improved almost 20 yards, roughly two yards each year and over four
times the growth rate observed in the previous 14 decades.

Interestingly, the 2017 report gathered the Normal driving
Distances of routine men golferssince
1996. This figure went from 200 metres in 1996 to a high of 217 metres in 2005,
down to 208 metres in 2017.

On the PGA Tour, but the distance boom has lasted into
The 2018 year: By mid-March 69 players had been averaging over 300 yards off
the tee readily an all-time large.

It is uncommon for the USGA and R&A to choose one year's
Data, such as the leap from 2017, and build a case for modification. The groove guideline, by way of
instance, came about by analyzing two or more decades' worth of amounts. And,
in reality, the increase in driving distance on the PGA Tour was so far
this decade than any other decade since 1990.

The rules-makers have not provided a timetable for creating a
Decision on a possible rollback, but they've been analyzing shorter-flying
model golf balls because 2005. Golf Digest
acquired samples of a few of those prototype chunks and analyzed it in four fold rates:
The chunk dropped 22 to 32 yards at 120 and 105 mph and seven to ten
metres at 90 and 75 mph.

With all the discussion of sustainability, it is not clear the
Judgment bodies have pinpointed the issue with distance. A poll from the
American Society of Golf Course Architects discovered more interest
in construction tees to permit for a shorter course than creating more pliers to get a
more extended course. Any disagreement about a rollback will probably be about "if"
or "the way" gear ought to be restricted. The space report's preamble
worries "the impact of increasing space on the equilibrium between technology and skill" which "keeping this equilibrium is paramount to
maintaining the integrity of golfing"

Even Though the golf ball gets the Majority of the attention, it is
Becoming more difficult to divide the ball's impact on driving distance in your club.
Drivers, by way of instance, are becoming bigger, lighter and much more secure, with centres
of gravity progressively fine to generate high-launching, low-spinning
shots. And what about the highly conditioned athlete or the launching monitor,
which may elevate our comprehension of perfect trajectories and twist speeds? How
near are we to the constraints of human potential in regards to space?
What's more, at what degree would some rollback be executed, and how could
that degree not be impacted by each degree below it?

History shows that golf rules-makers do not initiate a
"conversation" such as this with no principle waiting in their pocket.
It had been that way with motorist faces, together with grooves and also with anchored putters,
modifications which, though tumultuous, didn't significantly alter the connection
one of the match, its own pros and the public.

However, those connections could be tested by a gear rollback. In its
Space file, that the USGA and R&A extended an offer of cooperation to
Analyze the matter, a more collegial way than that which officials have occasionally
Expressed in people. It calls to mind the words of French essayist Joseph
Joubert, whose ideas have been shaped through the French Revolution. "It's
Better to debate a question without settling it," he said, "compared to
settle a question without debating it."
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Re: Language support

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sat Apr 21, 2018 16:16

In the example below I will assume you live in São Paulo, Brazil and speak Portuguese. Adjust to your own timezone and language.

Log-in as user ‘root’ with the root user’s password you specified during installation.

1. List the available time zones:

Code: Select all

# timedatectl list-timezones
(Press the Space Bar to page through the list, and the Q key to exit the list.)

2. Specify the timezone you want:

Code: Select all

# timedatectl set-timezone America/Sao_Paulo
3. List the current locale:

Code: Select all

# localectl list-locales
4. If you want to change the current locale or add a locale, edit the locale.gen file:

Code: Select all

# nano /etc/locale.gen
For example, I wanted to have just British English and Brazilian Portuguese so I made the file contain only the following:

Code: Select all

en_GB.UTF-8 UTF-8
en_GB ISO-8859-1
pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8
pt_BR ISO-8859-1
If I had only wanted one language (I’ll use Brazilian Portuguese as an example), I would have made it contain the following instead:

Code: Select all

pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8
pt_BR ISO-8859-1
5. Generate the locale(s) you want:

Code: Select all

# locale-gen
* Generating 4 locales (this might take a while) with 1 jobs
* (1/4) Generating en_GB.UTF-8 ... [ ok ]
* (2/4) Generating en_GB.ISO-8859-1 ... [ ok ]
* (3/4) Generating pt_BR.UTF-8 ... [ ok ]
* (4/4) Generating pt_BR.ISO-8859-1 ... [ ok ]
* Generation complete
6. List the locales you have configured, just to be sure:

Code: Select all

# localectl list-locales
7. Set the language you want to use:

Code: Select all

# localectl set-locale LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8
8. List the console keymaps available:

Code: Select all

# localectl list-keymaps
9. Choose the console keymap you wish to use:

Code: Select all

# localectl set-keymap br-abnt2
N.B. The above systemd command does not change the console keymap specified in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, which remains as “vconsole.keymap=us“. You will have to fix that later by editing /etc/default/sabayon-grub and running grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg, as I show further on.

10. List the X11 keymaps available:

Code: Select all

# localectl list-x11-keymap-layouts
11. Chose the X11 keymap you wish to use:

Code: Select all

# localectl set-x11-keymap br
12. Update the environment variables and profile to adopt what you specified:

Code: Select all

# env-update && source /etc/profile
13. Reboot:

Code: Select all

# systemctl reboot
14. Log-in as the root user.

15. Fix the console keymap specified in grub.cfg:

Code: Select all

# nano /etc/default/sabayon-grub
and replace “vconsole.keymap=us” with “vconsole.keymap=br-abnt2“.

Code: Select all

# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
16. Make sure the Entropy package database in your installation is up to date:

Code: Select all

# equo update
17. Roll (upgrade) all installed packages to their latest version:

Code: Select all

# equo upgrade
If you are prompted regarding any package licences, just accept them.

18. Update any superseded configuration files:

Code: Select all

# equo conf update
19. Check if there are any missing/incorrect dependencies:

Code: Select all

# equo deptest
20. Check if there are any missing/incorrect libraries:

Code: Select all

# equo libtest
21. Reboot:

Code: Select all

# systemctl reboot

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