3.5 Pod XFCE

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3.5 Pod XFCE

Post by Andy201 » Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:43

Hi All,

I understand this is a long shot, but does anyone have 3.5 Pod XFCE version of Sabayon?

I understand it is around 10 years old now, unsupported and, from what I heard, was not finished being built. But I need to get a few pieces of software running which I have been unable to get running on the latest version of Sabayon, Gentoo and Ubuntu.

The software was last loaded and working on 3.5 Pod and there has been some changes to how the installer works on Linux compared to how it did on Sabayon 3.5

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: 3.5 Pod XFCE

Post by svantoviit » Sun Apr 15, 2018 19:49

Andy201 wrote:I need to get a few pieces of software running
What exactly do you need? Which programs?

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