LVM2 re-size question; block size

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LVM2 re-size question; block size

Post by hobocaver » Wed Aug 15, 2012 23:04


I have a new install of Sabayon 9, 64bit, Gnome. I submitted a question
regarding LVM earlier, received a really helpful answer. I have bookmarked those
resources; BUT one question remains.
What is the block size used on my new Hitachi hybrid 750gb 7400rpm HDD?
What block size does the file system use?
My searches within the forums did not let me find this info; it seems
the resizing tool wants block size.
I intend to shrink my LVM and file system and repartition for another distro.


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Re: LVM2 re-size question; block size

Post by batvink » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:25


you can check that with command:

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blockdev --getbsz /dev/vg_bwginc/lv_root

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tune2fs -l /dev/vg_bwginc/lv_root | grep 'Block size'
Remember, there's no way to shrink a XFS, or JFS partition. (in case you have any...)

Here's a howto, for your bookmarks-collection: ... ticle&id=4
(look at example 4)

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