kde4-config package

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kde4-config package

Postby zuargo » Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:06

I want install a plasmoid for KDE I downloaded it from kde-looks.org

when I run the install script appears this:

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sabayon-zuargo yawp-0.2.3 # ./install.sh
./install.sh: line 8: kde4-config: command not found
./install.sh: line 8: cmake: command not found

obviously I need kde4-config package, so:

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sabayon-zuargo yawp-0.2.3 # equo search kde4-config
>>  @@ Buscando... (searching)
>>   #1 Sabayon Linux Official Repository
>>  @@ Sin coincidencias. (there is not coincidences)

what I need or must I do what for install this package?

(sorry for my ennglish I speak spanish xD)
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Re: kde4-config package

Postby micia » Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:05

Be aware that this is an unsupported way of installing on Sabayon.
You should search for the packages on entropy first (equo and sulfur),
if you can't find what you want, try portage (emerge, portato and other emerge GUIs).
Installing applications using make and such will most likely create problems in the future, as
they are not under the control of the package manager.

That being said, if you really want to do this,
try to see if kde4-config is located in:

if so install cmake from equo:
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equo install cmake

and include /usr/lib/kde4/bin in the PATH variable:
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export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/kde4/bin

and retry to install it.
This is on your own risk.
Check if what you want is available on entropy before doing this.
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