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smart quickpkg

Post by edbch » Tue Jun 02, 2009 23:17

Hello everyone,

I am User gentoo for a while and recently decided to install sabayon on my new laptop and so far I'm happy.

But, I really would like to have packages optimized for my processor, then tried to recompile package by package with Portage, but in the end got a system with problems.

So two questions:

1) the packages that are installed by equo: are they normal gentoo packages compiled with the exactly use variables in make.conf and package.use?

2) is the equo option "smart quickpkg" the solution to my problem? How this work exactly ? how to use it? I can recompile my own repository with this?


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Re: smart quickpkg

Post by wolfden » Tue Jun 02, 2009 23:43

entropy gets packages from portage, built and than made available to the users. Your config files can and will differ from the server they are built on. They are binary packages so optimization for your use and hardware isn't going to be there.

You can see the wiki on community repositories to learn how to build your own repo.

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Re: smart quickpkg

Post by WarraWarra » Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:34

Also you should be able to build packages from installed software and it could depending on config make use of make.conf to be more optimized for your laptop.
Keep one isntalled SL copy nice and clean no testing only defaults and then chroot or virtualbox / vmware and try things in there say on usb hd that can be booted from for testing how well it works as alternative to vmware /virtualbox running / testing.
Have a look at this below to help with this as it is gentoo specific and can with a bit of tweaking work for you.

layman overlay of sabayon was close to the entropy tree last time but might have changed in the last 2 weeks and will get back to entropy if not there already.

Work with what you know and are comfortable with.

Code: Select all
Configure your make.conf (server side)

Now, we will prepare portage to build binary packages from now on:

W-EDIT> FEATURES="buildpkg fixpackages"
W-EDIT> AUTOCLEAN="NO" # can manually clean out later using "eclean" and "emaint"
W-EDIT> source for PKGDIR="/var/lib/entropy/.....packages/4/ # destination for packages should be another folder, you can use a loop mount and "localhost/somefolder/somefile" for the BINHOST=""
and set the PKGDIR="/home/testing" as destination, this idea needs fine tunning / correct wording/commands.

Orriginal text ->
Or just add "buildpkg" somewhere in between the quotes if a FEATURES lines is already present. If buildpkg was not previously set in make.conf then you need to manually create the binary tarfiles that will be used by the clients. This makes binaries of everything in 'world':

cd /var/db/pkg/; for i in */*; do echo $i; done | while read package; do quickpkg --include-config=y =$package; done

Or if you prefer, a more compact form:

cd /var/db/pkg/; for i in */*; do quickpkg --include-config=y =$i; done

You might need to emerge gentoolkit to be able to use quickpkg, if it is not already present on your system.

Built packages can be found under /usr/portage/packages/All/.

This little workaround is needed because now we are acting as root:

chown -R portage:portage /usr/portage/packages/

Depending on your settings, you might need to do this as well:

find /usr/portage/packages/ -type d -exec chmod 755 '{}' \;
find /usr/portage/packages/ -type f -exec chmod 644 '{}' \;

W-EDIT> obviously change this to your PKGDIR="/home/testing" folder

From now on, as we will be using the buildpkg feature, all the permissions *should* be correct. But have this in mind just in case.
Hope this helps, Shout if we can help smoe more.
PS> Git SL tree is not yet ready for mainstream SL usage / in the works for later implementation. Layman will git sabayon.

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