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emerge -e world + Entropy

Postby edbch21 » Tue May 26, 2009 20:03

Hello everyone.

I am a Gentoo user for many years, and for my new laptop I'm wanting to install Sabayon.
My idea is to have a gentoo with "pre-solved problems", so the Sabayon. I would like to install and maintain the packages via Entropy, but would like to recompile them to get the maximum of my processor. With this in mind, I read in one of the manuals that run emerge-upDN world, or even use emerge with Entropy, may not be a good idea if I want to continue using Entropy to update my system. Any suggestions?

Tanks in advanced.
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Re: emerge -e world + Entropy

Postby joost » Tue May 26, 2009 20:23

At this moment the post install world file is loaded with unwanted deps that result in problems when you want to emerge world.

You can use emaint --fix world and manually clean out the world file to a normal size. Where it would have sane stuff thats in your world.

This will be worked out before the next release anyway.

But yes, with this out of the way ofcourse you can first use entropy and once satisfied start using portage from that point.
But be aware that from then there is no way top get back to entropy unless you let entropy reinstall nearly everything.

In addition, we are working on a CoreCD with text-installer that will be the absolute minimum to start working with entropy and/or portage. Kernel+toolchain from entropy...you get the idea.
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Re: emerge -e world + Entropy

Postby edbch21 » Tue May 26, 2009 20:56


first, thanks for responding so promptly. Second, sorry my bad english.

Continuing with my problema. I like to keep my system with Entropy, and thinking in that I have new questions:

The entropy use pós-installation scpripts to update the etc files that I will do not use if using only the Portage to maintain the system?

Cold I just generate the list of all packages using equery and only recompile these packages with emerge (maybe emerge -O <package list>)? Cold I well continue to use the entropy in a transparent way to update my packages and configuration files? (I know I would have to recompile the new packages to reflect my make.conf, but that is no problem).

My idea is to have a identical system that the maintained purely with entropy, but with the packages compiled for my laptop.

Thanks again for your attention.
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Re: emerge -e world + Entropy

Postby wolfden » Tue May 26, 2009 23:23

emerge -e world is useless as entropy is binary, there is no optimization to be done as your world file is ignored. You would have to switch over to portage usage.

If you want to go portage,, install core thru installer, edit configs, rebuild system than build on top of that
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