layman --sync sabayon error message/Spritz no start

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layman --sync sabayon error message/Spritz no start

Post by lestoil81 » Wed May 13, 2009 23:14

After running "emerge --sync && layman -S && emerge -u foomatic-filters foomatic-filters-ppds && /etc/init.d/cupsd restart and finally getting HP1006 to print, I now get "/usr/bin/layman line 23 in <module> from layman.config import config shows no module named layman.config". And clicking on desktop's Spritz gets me to login as root and closes. Earlier Spritz at least showed me updates.
I have equo version 0.93.2. Running "equo install entropy spritz" showed no errors. " layman --sync sabayon" gives same error message. "equo conf update" says "ok baby."
Can an experienced user please advise. I'm using SB4.1 gnome desktop for 3 days. whoa!

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Re: layman --sync sabayon error message/Spritz no start

Post by albfneto » Thu May 14, 2009 2:25

you is mixing the installers....
if you use layman (overlays) and emerge -sync, you may use portato or emerge command, and not equo or spritz...
problably you have collisions or doubled versions of packages....
layman, overlays is only for Portage, not for entropy, equo or spritz...
i have in mind that in your installation, you now will use only Portage...., emerge or portato, but you may try "repair" entropy and portage:

Code: Select all

emerge --sync
emerge portage portato
ONLY NEEDED, USE etc-update!
emerge layman
layman -d sabayon
layman -a sabayon && layman -s sabayon
equo install equo (not use EMERGE EQUO!)
equo install entropy spritz (not use EMERGE ENTROPY SPRITZ!)
equo update --force
ONLY NEEDED, USE equo conf update
equo database gentoosync (may be very slow to run!)

see if the versions of portage and entropy are the latest, and the same:

Code: Select all

emerge -s portage entropy
equo search entropy portage

if well, you can have the same versions of portage and entropy in both installers....sometimes, a newer varsion of entropy can be found in emerge (because sometimes the entropy in the overlay sabayon, layman command is newer)

then, compare the versions of something in portage and in entropy:
ex. amsn

Code: Select all

equo search amsn && emerge -s amsn

if all good, the versions are the same.....

then, prefer to use only equo or spritz, reserves portage (emerge, portato) only for special cases.
is that manners to mix the installers adequately, but are no so easy for begginers, needs to mask versions or control versions of packages.
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