Installer Quits

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Installer Quits

Post by tequilaboom » Mon May 04, 2009 6:27

Hey everyone,
I just installed sabayon today (I'm new to linux).
I tried using Spritz to update my system, but as soon as I click on commit changes, the whole installer just disappears.
If I try launching spritz again and trying to update the system, it says that another instance is already running.
It doesn't look like the comp is doing anything (the hard-drive LED is not on mostly).

Thanks for all your help!

Sagely Hen
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Re: Installer Quits

Post by micia » Mon May 04, 2009 9:10

It is recommended to use equo for updating, since Spritz is a pretty young project and may
give some issues (it is getting more and more reliable though).

probably the equo lock is still around due to Spritzs' crash.Try to remove it,
it is usually in "/var/lib/entropy/"

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rm /var/lib/entropy/
be sure that Spritz is no more running using a task manager, or running from a console:

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ps aux
if it is kill it.

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kill -9 <PID>
where PID is the Process ID, you can get it from "ps aux".
(note: you have to be root to kill root processes)

for example you could have a process like:

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root     11781 36.6  4.0 179328 84272 pts/1    Sl+  10:07   0:02 python /usr/lib/entropy/spritz/
its PID is the number right after root: "11781"
so you issue a:

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kill -9 11781
In order to update your sistem use equo command, which is definitely more reliable:

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equo update
equo world --ask
equo cleanup
and so on.
See our wiki:

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