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Postby colejv » Mon Apr 27, 2009 0:56

So I've spent most of the day getting my remote working on xbmc, yesterday was spent building the system (MCE install) and world updating. I 've still got some outstanding issues there (getting sshd to start at boot, fixing the volume level at boot, and setting up autologin and autostaring xbmc)., but those issues (except ssh) are kind of pointless without a working remote.

Ok so setting up the remote (old happauge PVR-150), I 've done this at least a dozen times on various distros and while it's never "easy", I keep thinking it will get better with experience/time.On xbmc-live and ubuntu based xbmc installs I just need to make sure the lirc_dev and lirc_i2c module's are loaded and configure from there.

Today that was the stumbling block , once I realized the modules were not installed and equo was not going to install them, I spent a considerable bit of time getting portage to work (unable to calculate kernel),then adjusting my make.conf to finally determine(based on reading the ebuild) I needed "hauppage" as the lirc device (in make.conf).

Based on all the reading I've done today I don't see how entrophy handles this without offering separate packeges, (like lirc-hauppage, lirc-mce2usb, etc..).

Just my two cents, I think I'm done with computers for the day (got to gear up for a 50+ hr work week of you guest it "computers")
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Postby Thev00d00 » Mon Apr 27, 2009 13:44

Maybe request the flags be added to the package by default? ... at=packreq
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Postby colejv » Tue Apr 28, 2009 0:00

According to the gentoo wiki the LIRC_DEVICES variable currently only supports one flag (which may be why it was commented out in the stock make.conf that was on my system since it had 2 entries). The solution given there is to use "all" if you need to support more than one type of hardware, which failed to emerge on my system, perhaps it could be worked out but thats not what I needed.

The 8.4 ebuild had a warning when you selected more than 1 device.
ewarn "When selecting multiple devices for lirc to be supported,"
ewarn "it can not be garanteed that the drivers play nice together."

The 8.4a ebuild seems to have removed this warning.
Perhaps this issue will sort itself out upstream.

While I could request the flag be set to hauppage the average user would probably prefer it be set to mceusb2, which is supported on XBMC out of the box. The Microsoft MCE remotes are cheap/plentiful enough so I could buy one(I'd need 2, once I convert my other mythbuntu/XBMC box to Sabayon), but in the mean time I'll just emerge with the proper use flag for my system.
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