Okular cannot read CHM file

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Okular cannot read CHM file

Post by mobilehunter » Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:31

Okular can read chm, but it seems the one in entropy cannot read chm.
Or maybe my installation is broken.

I hope somebody can confirm this.


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Sagely Hen
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Re: Okular cannot read CHM file

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:00

I don't use KDE 4 and hence not Okular, but looking at the list of USE flags for the Okular ebuild there is a chm USE flag. I suspect that the Entropy package maintainer who built Okular for the Entropy repository did not set the chm USE flag when (s)he merged the package. If you need chm support in Okular then you could build it using Portage. First make sure your installation is correctly synchronised with the Portage ebuild repository and the Sabayon overlay ebuild repository. To complicate matters, the Sabayon overlay repository was recently changed from the SVN version control system to the Git version control system so, if you have not done it already, you'll have to delete and re-add the Sabayon overlay. If the package dev-util/git is not already installed on your HDD then you'll need to install that first. See the SL Wiki article Fresh Install - What to do? for how to get your installation bang up to date, then you can do the following as the root user in a Terminal/Konsole window in order to build Okular with the chm USE flag:

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USE="chm" emerge kde-base/okular

Note that, if you want the chm USE flag to be set for future versions of Okular in the Entropy repository then you would need to request it using the procedure given in the post Requesting Packages for Entropy - New Policy.

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