Spritz log file [Solved]

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Spritz log file [Solved]

Postby xipi » Sat Feb 28, 2009 15:36

Does Spritz keep a log of what's doing?

My problem is that, I installed 3 times Sabayon 4 x86-32 and x86-64 this week on different computers. In the first two, when spritz tried to perform the very first update of packages on the system (for both cases, more than 300 packages) at some point it crashes during installation of them (Spritz window freezes/keeps unresponsive).

I have then to restart the computer, and recover the system as I can (the first time, not even x-server started).

I'm about to do this update on the 3rd computer, and I have no doubt it will crash at some point.

But I don't know why it crashes, so I'd like to get a log of where it failed. Is there any place that spritz keeps a log of what's doing?
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Re: Spritz log file

Postby micia » Sat Feb 28, 2009 16:03

I recommend you to do the first update using equo.
do from a console:
Code: Select all
equo update
equo install entropy equo spritz

(when an update for entropy is available be sure to update it first using this command)

So you can use the latest version of spritz, which is much more stable and
reliable than the previous ones, there are many bugfixes.
Entropy mantains its log files in /var/log/entropy,
I believe that spritz uses equo.log, as equo itself does.
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Re: Spritz log file

Postby xipi » Sat Feb 28, 2009 22:02

I did what you suggested, and it went OK now, did not crash and solved also an issue of blinking progress bars I had with the previous version of Spritz.

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