Backup system made easy ?

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Backup system made easy ?

Post by WarraWarra » Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:17 ... using.html

Stumbled onto this item a few years ago and while cleaning out old files / folders I found this again and thought this is a great way to backup your /home/someone folder before installing your new copy of SL or just for fun to learn something new.

This is the whole thing: ... index.html
And it prety much tells you what squashfs image is and how to use it.

Heck you can even edit /etc/fstab so that this is mounted by default for a folder that stays the same like a internet cafe pc that every reboot starts from a fully functional image and have temp folders / files that changes created and deleted during boot and shutdown. This way you always have a clean system after reboot and all settigns is back to normal.

This idea above should be great for NAS or servers that needs a stable SL system and if anything goes south then reboot and back to working with networked storage that holds user data and changes external from server.

Then again you can use this to ghost a windows system back to working from linux server and only backup user data + restore user data and settings from backup. Should cut down windows restore down to hd copy speed / time and networked speed for user data copy.

Who would have thougth that linux can even make windows work LOL. Linux Rocks.

Hope this helps someone be it with loopmount or backup's.
I should tell my company's IT guy about this maybe he can fix the 2 month broken win pc this way and all others in future LMAO. :twisted: :lol:

If only windblows thru the broken windows was this easy.

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