HOWTO : upgrade to sabayon 4

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HOWTO : upgrade to sabayon 4

Post by joost » Thu Dec 25, 2008 21:57

Be sure to have latest available entropy version in sabayon 3.5 (.1) first

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equo update && equo install entropy
Now we upgrade to the 4 branch by doing this:

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equo world --upgrade 4
This should switch you to the new branch and download the new database with applications available.
Notice that on x86 we switched from i586 to i686 this means that we had to recompile the WHOLE tree and thus each package is an update.
So if you are x86 really consider downloading the iso and so a fresh install if you don't want to wait for an at least 18-24 hour operation to finish!

Now after you updated all the packages you need to take care of the config files:

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equo conf update
as a rule stuff in /etc/init.d you can always use the newer version. (unless you manually changed them and want to keep the changes ofcourse)
Mind the config files in /etc/conf.d as they hold settings most of the time you made, like hwclock and hostname (its safe to keep them all as is and ignore the updates most of the time)

Important note:

If you are done installing all updates and taken care off the config files you NEED to reinstall grub to MBR.
The version in branch 4 is NOT compatible with thew one in 3.5.

read here: ... &sk=t&sd=a


Q : Where is the new artwork?!

A: hmm maybe the upgrade didn't go that smooth over the artwork renaming. You can fix this by doing

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equo install sabayon-artwork sabayon-skel
Q: Where is Compiz?

A: Entropy sometimes doesnt set up openGL properly, you can fix this by running

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# eselect opengl set <ati/nvidia/xorg-x11>
Use nvidia/ati for nvidia/ati cards and xorg-x11 for intel
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Re: HOWTO : upgrade to sabayon 4

Post by stevencomerthornley » Mon Dec 29, 2008 17:12

I've got my system upgraded, with a couple issues that I need to solve, otherwise thank you for the guidance
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