installing wireless drivers

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Baby Hen
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installing wireless drivers

Post by demmahom » Sun Dec 14, 2008 16:21


I'm new to linux, and i can't seem to get my wireless network to get going...

I have an Intel wifi link 5100 in my laptop, for wich i downloaded the tarball from ... .11.tar.gz

however, i don't get how to install this.. I read on this forum that it should go in /usr/portage/distfiles
and then use emerge iwl5000-ucode to install, but that tells me that no ebuild was found..

also, there is no directory called distfiles in the specified location?

BTW, please tell me sabayon 4.0 will include support for this networkadapter?

Thx in advance!!


Sagely Hen
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Re: installing wireless drivers

Post by xlnagla » Mon Dec 15, 2008 0:52

That's probably because you've never run an emerge --sync.

just run "emerge --sync && emerge iwl5000-ucode", as root, to install your proper drivers.


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