Current or past user of Gentoo?

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Current or past user of Gentoo?

I currently use Gentoo
I used to use Gentoo
I have not used Gentoo
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Re: Current or past user of Gentoo?

Post by ReemZ » Thu Nov 27, 2008 2:04

Never used it...yet.
I intend to though, I've got a very old computer waiting for me to fix it with a slightly less antique mainboard (which I will need to be able to boot from and read ye olde compact disc spinning device...yes, it's that old :mrgreen:) and as soon as I've got that, I'll try and get Gentoo running.
Not that I need Gentoo, not that I even need a second pc (especially an old piece such as this one), but it'll be a great learning experience.
I want to learn all I can about Linux, and learning Gentoo means I'll learn a lot I can put to use in my sweet SabayonLinux world :D
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