Google earth window flickering

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Young Hen
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Google earth window flickering

Post by calebs » Sat Sep 20, 2008 22:12

Hi all, the reason for this thread is a problem with google earth.
It's almost impossible to use because the window flickers, i mean, flash (damn, i hate english), it lets see what's below its windows, then it shows google earth's window and below and so on.
If i minimize all windows and let the desktop only flickers but at least i can see something.
I have a mother asus m378 with an integrated ati 3200 i think and im using sabayon 3.5 with the latest upgrades.
I have installed on another pc with an onboard intel gpu and makes the same thing.
Any ideas to solve it?

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Sagely Hen
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Re: Google earth window flickering

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sun Sep 21, 2008 0:44

Do you have Compiz-Fusion enabled? Compiz-Fusion and the ATI driver don't work with videos or Google Earth under OpenGL (*). Right-click on the Compiz-Fusion Icon on the Panel and click on Select Window Manager > KWin (or Metacity) and then run Google Earth.

Also, to optimise the performance of the ATI fglrx driver try the xorg.conf settings given in the first post in the following thread:

Setup an ATI card with the new FGLRX drivers for Compiz-Fusion

The same applies to watching videos: either switch to the KWin or Metacity window managers or select a video driver other than OpenGL in MPlayer/KMPlayer/SMPlayer/VLC etc. (e.g. X11/XImage/Shm, X11 video output etc.).

(* Support will come in some future release of X11 and the ATI driver, as the problem is a combination of code in both X11 and the ATI driver.)

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