Firefox slow in Sabayon 3.5 Pod - Please help

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Firefox slow in Sabayon 3.5 Pod - Please help

Post by Timberwolf5578 » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:12

Firefox seems slow in Sabayon 3.5 Pod, but it does render fonts better than any of the other distros I tried. I have read that Gentoo-based distros tend to always install bleeding-edge software, so maybe this version of Firefox is too new and beta or something? Also, the first time I double-clicked on it, it gave me some weird error message about how it cannot install or something, but then the browser opened up and went to the Sabayon webpage, so I don't understand what that error message was about. Can I uninstall Firefox and install an older version? If so, how exactly would I do this? What are my options?


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Re: Firefox slow in Sabayon 3.5 Pod - Please help

Post by Thev00d00 » Wed Sep 10, 2008 15:27

1. disabling smooth scrolling in options speeds firefox up significatly.
2. Dont have to many extensions installed.
3. Enable pipeline-ing type about:config in the address bar, use the search with the word pipe and double click to enable them all.

Only personal tips but they work. :alien:
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