What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

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What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

Post by joe3 » Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:59

I'm starting a small business and will need to do more bookkeeping than I have a clue how to do... I don't really have the resources to pay an accountant to do the everyday book keeping chores.

I do intend to pay a pro to help me with the taxes. The one I'd like to use strongly recommends I use quickbooks. (he even offers some how-to(s) for his tax clients.) But I really don't want to use winblows to do my bookkeeping. I know there are some linux financial software programs that compare with quicken, But I haven't a clue what I could use on Sabayon that compares well with quickbooks.

Suggestions anyone???



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Re: What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

Post by joost » Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:54

kmymoney or gnucash i think.
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Re: What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

Post by DontPanic » Mon Sep 01, 2008 22:05

I'm a big proponent of linux and Sabayon, but when it comes to book-keeping software (especially for the small-home/office), the linux offerings just don't measure up to Quickbooks.

GnuCash is OK, but you'll need to put a lot of effort into setting it up, and it still isn't as intuitive as Quickbooks.

I think KMyMoney is more for personal book-keeping, but you can have a look at it for yourself.
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Re: What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

Post by joe3 » Tue Sep 02, 2008 22:55

Thank you DontPanic, It sounds like the GnuCash is the closest I'm likely to get to quickbooks.

I'll have to give it a try. Though I do hope that I don't learn to LIKE it and then find out that the tax guy can't use it's files...

In the long run I won't mind doing some work setting it up. I'm just hoping that my lack of experiance doesn't cause me to fail to set up something I didn't know I needed to...

As far as not being as intuitive, well isn't that something that depends on how the user thinks?

I don't know juck about quick books, but once upon a time (before I learned to like my banks bill-pay service which virtualy eliminated my use of PERSONAL checks {I now average about 4 paper checks per year, and two of them are for registering my motor vehical...}) I used to use quicken...

I used to use the highest DOS version they ever did. But eventualy I wound up (upgrading?) to a windows version. I remember it was supposedly 'MORE" intuitive than the older dos version... But I sure didn't find it easier to use. I didn't find it intuitive to have to figure out what to click on to get to functions I used to be able to just type in a short command sequence for, I sure didn't find it more intuitive that if I had 4 "catagories that started with "C" Say begining with cash, car payment, child support, & credit card and I wanted to type my way to the credit card catagory instead of wresleing with the rodent to select it, I had to type "cccc{enter} instead of just "cr{enter}" And hope i didn't miss count the number of times I hit"c"... But all the windows fanatics claimed it was MORE intuitive than the dos version.... In any case after a few of months I wanted to switch back to the dos verion but found that the file format of all my datafiles had been irrevokably upgraded to a new format that the dos version didn't speak... So I just plain stopped using quicken.

Thanks again!

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Re: What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

Post by eshum » Wed Sep 03, 2008 16:39

You might also look at Moneydance.


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Oh NO!!! I'm an idiot! Apologies to both gnucash and gnome

Post by joe3 » Fri Sep 05, 2008 16:52

To both those who worked on and those who simply like gnucash: I'm sorry!

It would appear that on 9-03=08 some IDIOT did say:

> I almost started to like gnucash. I spent enough time with it's
> documentation to think I could use it for anything I'd have expected
> quickbooks to do. But I ran into a problem when I started to use it...
> I couldn't find a way to do anything without using the mouse to much.

I can only say that somehow I missed the fact That I was almost to the point in the tutorial where it would have cleared up MOST of my keyboard/vs/rodent peeves... Thus I complained about some things that weren't true concerning the various pop ups not being accessible from the keyboard...

Guess I was tired...

Open mouth, insert foot... <Sigh!>

I still don't find the way keyboard shortcuts were implemented to be very intuitive, (with the possible exception of using quickfill to open the visa register via l:v (that is once I get used to thinking of it as it "liability:visa" ) But with a little repetition, they will simply become so familiar as to be as good as intuitive.


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Re: What is available on SL to do the job of "quickbooks" ???

Post by watson540 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 0:58

hey that sucks that your files somehow got 'upgraded' with the newest version of quickbooks. but since you said you liked the dos version so much I figured I would throw in another possibility for you..Run your old dos version of quickbooks inside of DOSBox under linux...That way you wouldnt have to learn anymore about the new version and whatnot. the question would be, can your tax guy still use those files, and are you willing to start all over??

just a possibility..

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