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Sagely Hen
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Post by Stupot » Wed Jul 16, 2008 15:53

Sounds pretty cool to me. This should help out immensely for people who have problems configuring their wireless drivers.

Generally Awesome (tm)
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Re: Auto-NDISwrapper

Post by Thev00d00 » Wed Jul 16, 2008 16:29

Yeah that looks pretty sweet actually, Ill have a look for an ebuild and if not I'm sure I can hack one together
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Baby Hen
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Re: Auto-NDISwrapper

Post by cenebris » Wed Aug 13, 2008 14:15

imho should be added to next sl (if certain wifi chip detected and lan/modem/gsm connection present ask user if sl should attempt to download wifi drivers from net)

Simple Hen
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Re: Auto-NDISwrapper

Post by yuguang » Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:00

My wireless driver was the only thing I had trouble with when I got my new laptop. I used XP until I worked out whether to install ndiswrapper or some bcm driver in the kernel.

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