Installation done but... hehehe

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Re: Installation done but... hehehe

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:57

Don't worry. As wolfden wrote earlier, you can have just a root partition and a swap partition, and you're fine. As far as I can tell, many (most?) SL users just accept the default partitioning during installation. My preference for having a separate /home partition is explained in the thread I referenced in my earlier post. My preference for having a separate /boot partition is that it is 'ring-fenced' and less likely to be touched and therefore corrupted. For example, some time ago my root partition was corrupted, I think by the virus checker or Index.dat Suite when I was under Windows XP (I dual boot), but my /boot was unscathed. Since then I've disabled Windows' write access to all my Linux partitions (see A cautionary tale for dual booters of SL and Windows). I don't want the Linux bootloader installed in the MBR, and I prefer to have it installed in a separate /boot partition than in the root partition. Also, I took into consideration the advice in the following two Red Hat articles: ... oning.html ... tions.html

But, as you can see from the following Debian article, most people these days don't bother creating a separate /boot partition: ... my/BootDir

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Re: Installation done but... hehehe

Post by kamicota » Fri Jul 04, 2008 20:55

Thanks Fitzcarraldo

I'll probably just plod along as is :P as the thigs I need I store on an external hard drive and contamination from xp has been minimal to say the elast

Cheers for Years
Colin :D

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