Driver issue Toshiba A105-S2051

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Driver issue Toshiba A105-S2051

Post by Imsaffor » Mon Apr 21, 2008 0:06

I've seen another post on here about my specific laptop and issues with newer Sabayon Versions. I am running Sabayon 2.5 Loop 2 and the OS seems to run perfect except for the Video.

As I understand it, the 2.26 version on Sabayon natively supports this Video Chipet out of the box, Compiz-Fusion and all. But this version Showed "Not-Accelerated" and my Xorg-conf shows "radeon"

I'm tried to run a How-To I found regarding emerge. But the commands didn't work. and just changing it from radeon to fglrx didn't work obviously.

My question, does anyone know any thing regarding Radeon 200m drivers on sabayon? Or if there is a link to getting 2.26, as I can't seem to find a link for that anywhere!

This problem is a problem that has plaged every distro of linux I've ever used, so I am hopeful to see that the great people behind Sabayon have gotten it to work on at least one distro.

P.S. I am a linux n00b, so please bear with me if I'm missing information, just ask and I will provide information the best I can.

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Re: Driver issue Toshiba A105-S2051

Post by xlnagla » Mon Apr 21, 2008 4:48

well, to start, what happens when you try our current release? If both 3.4f and 3.5l2 fail on you, I'm afraid the drivers you seek may no longer be in portage - I know someone around here may still have or be running 3.26, but it'll be quite unusual for sure. see if emerging xf86-video-ati or ati-drivers fix your problems. It may also be nice to know what your video card and hardware are - the output of lspci will list most of your computer's hardware. And, of course, welcome and best of luck.


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