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Kmldonkey question

Post by itsgregman » Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:10

Hi all Im new to sabayon and I just noticed that Kmldonkey was installed by default and something called the Kmldonkey services daemon was set to run at startup. I dont use Kmldonkey and its not even visible in the K menu anywhere I looked. My question is can I safely remove it as I would never use it but I dont want to risk something else depending on it and messing something up again.

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Re: Kmldonkey question

Post by WarraWarra » Sat Apr 19, 2008 16:12

Yes should be okay.

If not sure try:
# emerge -Dp kmldonkey
This will list the dependancy's and pretend to install not actually install so you can get a idea of what would happen if it did.

See what is the dependancy's linked to it but should not be something serious and then
# emerge --unmerge kmldonkey

After above run
# revdep-rebuild -X
To fix anything else that could ahve become unstable or has been usntable / broken to be fixed now and "Bob's your uncle" lol.

Only thing that would seriously agro you is kde pam and pam personal access manager / password login something as there are 2 versions and most of the time both is needed so do not touch this only update if and when needed.

Also if anything goes bump in the night use the live cd / dvd to boot from and then see the chroot how-to in gentoo or internet and use it to get access into the hard disk installed SL and fix it from there + reboot and then all should be well.

PS> always make backups / have coppies of important files when doing anything on a PC / laptop.

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