SilkRoad OnLine on Sabayon linux

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SilkRoad OnLine on Sabayon linux

Post by marcusivanhoe » Tue Apr 01, 2008 7:14

Hi all!

There is this game, called Silkroad online, which is an RPG game such as WoW, with the diference it is totally free. It is developed only for windows, but i have been loking for the way to play it under linux (in fact I only use windows to play that game) and I have found that there are people who are playing it under linux. More specifically i have found some mandriva users who play it without any problems even undeer beryl.

I have followeed the installa as they tell to, which is symply using wine and a bottle of win98, but i cant get it working under sabayon! so any help you may give would be very nice!

the error it gives me is that when it logs into the game it crashes.
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Re: SilkRoad OnLine on Sabayon linux

Post by xlnagla » Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:19

that's not an error, that's a factoid - run the game from the terminal and give us the last bit of it's output, and then we'll have the error to play with.


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Re: SilkRoad OnLine on Sabayon linux

Post by Revolver » Wed Apr 02, 2008 14:52

follow this guide : ... n&iId=5391

it should work (it is a platinum application in WineApp)

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