Equo / Entropy / Spritz stupid Q?

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Equo / Entropy / Spritz stupid Q?

Postby WarraWarra » Tue Mar 25, 2008 18:59

Not sure if yet answered but
if Equo does a download from any server with entropy folder / files on it , does it do a MD5 check on the file it is downloading to make sure it is 100% complete or is this a normal part of portage / inbuild somehow to check this ?

If not yet implemented then this could help with likely several bugs that could happen during a installs / updates same as with 99% cd / dvd iso images as I presume I have downloaded several almost complete files via portage a few times in the past and this could have made a few problems.

Ignore if answered / delete if answered already.

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Re: Equo / Entropy / Spritz stupid Q?

Postby joost » Tue Mar 25, 2008 20:45

Yeah equo checks if the package is sane.
Code: Select all
XBOX-360 joost # equo install pidgin
>>  @@ Calculating dependencies...
>>  @@ Packages needing install:        1
>>  @@ Packages needing removal:        0
>>  @@ Download size:                   0b
>>  @@ Freed disk space:                0b
>>  @@ You need at least:               15.3MB of free space
>>  :: (1/1) >>> net-im/pidgin-2.4.0
>>    ## Package checksum matches
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