The real stablilty of Firefox

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The real stablilty of Firefox

Post by ModifiedReality » Fri Feb 15, 2008 18:27

I have been using Firefox for a long time now as my main internet browser and there is one thing I noticed no matter what OS I am running. Either it be WIndows, Linux, BSD or whatever I seem to have alway notice it being a bit unstable. Mostly how for no obvious reason it will quit while browsing different sites.

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Re: The real stablilty of Firefox

Post by chickpea » Fri Feb 15, 2008 19:52

That is certainly odd. I have never experienced anything like that and I have used FF under linux and windows xp/vista for years.

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Re: The real stablilty of Firefox

Post by Stupot » Fri Feb 15, 2008 20:38

I've also never had that issue when using it under windows or linux. It does have some memory leaks, but supposedly it'll be vastly improved in FF3.

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Re: The real stablilty of Firefox

Post by Richlion » Mon Feb 18, 2008 21:58


I agree, Firefon on my Sabayon is giving some pains. I usually use two browsers due to thinks not working. I use Konqueror as my general browser, because to me it's one of the most convenient programs I have been ever using. However, some video content on some news web pages do not work, so I use Firefox. But Firefox can sometimes simply dissapear and then I cannot launch it. I check if I have any processes running, when none are there I start Firefox, I can see the hourglass running for about 20 seconds and then..... nothing. Not a single Firefox process. WHen I restart my linux I can again start Firefox.

Funny thing, I also used Firefox recently on my WIndows XP. I try to start it, but it pops up with a message that it is already running and asks me to shut it down first. I tried reinstalling it again to no avail. I think the Mozilla team is really messing around now. Since I don't specially like the way Opera works I think there is no good alternative, in fact, there is no real good browser now on Linux. I only know there are some new projects that might replace the Konqueror browser and give us a real good product.
I read Gentoo programmers are causing a bit of a mess too, but Mozilla... :evil:
Not to mention the Thunderbird mail client which I am very used to, now many features are disabled and I am beginning to be fed up with some of the software produced recently. Doesn't look good to me. I tried KMail, but then this one doesn't work with my mail boxes.

Skype is also another super program :evil: (I only use it because of my friends), this one can really block your computer no matter whether it's WIndows or Linux. A pain in the a....

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Re: The real stablilty of Firefox

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:14

Strange. I have no stability problems with Firefox either under Windows or Linux (SL, Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS). Well, the only problem is with the 64-bit version of Firefox under SL as there is no up-to-date 64-bit Java plugin for Firefox -- I'm using the old Blackdown 1.4.2-03 64-bit plug-in -- so, if I'm browsing a Java site using any new Java code, 64-bit Firefox bombs out. But other than the lack of decent 64-bit Java support, Firefox gives me no trouble at all.

(And, as for Skype, Richlion, which version are you using? Skype for Linux under SL x86_64 works perfectly in my case: the audio quality and stability are excellent.)

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