Laptop performance on Acer 5920G

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Laptop performance on Acer 5920G

Post by waldoh » Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:24

I have installed Sabayon on my old Laptop Thinkpad with no major issues. Pentium Three with 256meg of Ram.
I recently purchased an update to Acer Pentium Core Duo with 2 gig of ram, Nvidia Graphics card, 250 gig HD and 2 gig of Ram.
Sabayon 3.4e install went pretty smoothly and the Nvidia card was recognised ok.
I was also able to enable the Compiz desktop effects with no problem

My problem started when I went to play a DVD and noticed very choppy playback. I've seen this before when DMA was not enabled.
However, after searching on this board I saw references to SATA and that DMA should already be enabled by default. On my old Laptop I had to turn DMA via HDParm command hdparm -d1 /dev/dvd. This causes an error on my laptop

I conducted some further tests and noticed that my USB TV and Amarok were also taking a performance hit of some kind.
IE My old laptop was outperforming my new one . I checked the processes that were running and found that Beagle was taking up some resource indexing my files and folders.
I shut this down and there was some improvement but both the choppy video on the DVD and on my USB_DVB continue.
I loaded up VLC and noticed that frames were being dropped all the time which should not be normal for this laptop.

More hunting and some suggestions about adding additional paramaters to Xorg etc have been to no avail.
I also tried changing the BIOS to IDE mode which again had not effect.

Does anyone have any ideas. Is there a log file I can go to to get some hints about what could be wrong?
My guess is there some kind of bottleneck in reading the data of either the hard disk or DVD drive

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Re: Laptop performance on Acer 5920G

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Feb 11, 2008 18:18

Not sure what is causing your problem, but it might be worth you trying 3.4f instead of 3.4e.

You can see the spec. of my Acer laptop in my signature below and, without looking up the spec. of yours, one obvious difference between the two is that yours has an NVIDIA GPU rather than an ATI GPU. So perhaps you could also search the SL Forum and the Gentoo Forums for threads about NVIDIA driver problems relating to your specific model of GPU, in case the cause is GPU-related.

Some other things to look at are the output of the dmesg command and the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if there are any error messages.

By the way, have you cleaned up /etc/make.conf file to remove all the stuff that does not relate to your laptop? Have a look at the following thread from some initial pointers: ... 239#p69905

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