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Default Installer Idea

Post by teh_roman » Mon Feb 04, 2008 9:05

Ok first off let me apologize for my newbie-ness as i mess around with linux but never really got seriously into it until recently.

Now i think a very good idea for a feature to implement would be a double-click handler program that would automatically select the right program for the job and run it in a unique window. (in case of shell scripts and console-related programs it would open a console window and run it in there.)

Also possibly extend this functionality to create a self-extracting utility coupled with a universal linux executable extention.
Ex. all things *.lnx are an executable file that can be ran in a kde/gnome/etc (ultimately x-windows) environment.

This would allow software programmers to create linux binary files that can be run in a linux-desktop environment without the need to go through the console first. Of course this program would need to have permission checking, etc. But would allow for a much easier and rich user experience.
Binary files may be distributed that are self-extracting, self-configuring, making, installing, cleaning up, etc.

I think one of my banes when it comes to linux is the fact that many software packages i either must find through portage or compile them from the source myself which can cause to many unneeded frustrations.

Is there anyway this vision is possible to streamline installations on a linux platform and unite a common executable format?

and If so, how can i help? i am an intermediate programmer, but not too familiar with the linux kernel/x-windows system

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Re: Default Installer Idea

Post by joost » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:41

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