Nexuiz + Frets on Fire review with pics and video

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Nexuiz + Frets on Fire review with pics and video

Postby ewiget » Sat Jan 26, 2008 14:07

I have run a LUG for about 10 years now and now that linux is starting to get popular (we have 190 users), I get asked by many about games. Thats a hard question for me to answer since I don't play games - ask me anything about administration, networking, server apps, office apps, music and video apps, security, forensics and I can answer those...go figure. So, after many requests, I started to do some game reviews. I plan on doing many more in the near future (If anyone who does play linux games would like to contribute a review to the MLUG web site, that would even be great!!!! Of course you will get full credit so contact me if you have a web site or something to promote yourself and we will set you up....)

The one I just did was for Nexuiz - it is here - http://www.maysville-linux-users-group. ... d-0-0.html

I previously did one for frets on fire (which is the game that guitar hero is based from, been out on linux for years) This link also has instructions on how to make a playstation 2 guitar hero controller work with Linux and the article was written long before the PC version of the controller came out -

There are also some linux videos I added to youtube tonight...I have many more to eventually upload. These videos are for software, howto's, etc and that address is

All videos are made in sabayon linux using gtk-recordmydesktop and converted from ogg to mpg using mencoder. All images are made in sabayon linux using ksnapshot.

sorry each link to a different domain
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