Finally found a fix to an elusive problems in Compiz

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Finally found a fix to an elusive problems in Compiz

Postby bowenit » Thu Jan 17, 2008 23:12

Compiz rarely if ever showed video output on my machine, check my signature for the details of my machine. After consulting with the site, and the IRC I have found out how to get the thing to work. Since I doubt that I'm the only one with a gateway, I decided to post how to fix it up here since I could never find the "How to" here. In case I miss something it can be found here

Change any video playback (Xine, VLC, etc..) from xv, to X11 ( XImage/Shm ), as in the standard X11 video output. The how to above has the step by step in it. I know mine is more shorter than a nutshell, but if you need the how to click on it above.

Before you ask any questions, I'm not an expert. I found this with the help of the people who answer their help chat in IRC. #compiz
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