Sabayon-Linux-x86-3.5_Loop1-r1 Graphics

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Re: Sabayon-Linux-x86-3.5_Loop1-r1 Graphics

Post by wolfden » Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:01


I don't get how using a livecd helps with buying or banking online. The place u shop or bank at could get "hacked" and your information is there. You must of been storing your stuff on your computer?

I don't care for the red either. You can change the wallpaper tho as it comes with other wallpaper.

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Re: Sabayon-Linux-x86-3.5_Loop1-r1 Graphics

Post by dcorleone » Tue Jan 08, 2008 2:02

I agree. Personally I like the 3.4f darker theme better. Failing switching back, one thing that I think would help would be to darken the logo in the middle. Do the clawprint and the outline of the word Sabayon in black instead of white. Here's a quickie mock-up done with as much detail as clicking the Gimp's fill-tool can provide:


It's sloppy, I know, but you get the idea. It seems less glaring on the eye without all that white starin' out at you from the center of the desktop. Okay, maybe not pure black, maybe a darker gray, I dunno, just something a little darker than pure white. There's already a "spotlight" effect on the logo, so that area looks bright from that. It's a trick of the eyes sure, but still. The 3.4f theme was dark in the center, so you could get away with white logos cuz it didn't feel like the glare was overwhelming the entire desktop that way. A little brightness against a dark background is fine, but all that bright red with pure white is a little TOO bright for day to day use.

Compare it to the original:


Obviously the original's neater and more professional, but like I say, my version was just a quickie mock-up. But it does kinda illustrate the difference in how the white versus the black hits your eyes. My eyes anyway. Darkening the color of the word "Standard" would help too. It's still the same wallpaper except for changing the white and black there, but putting the black in there makes the entire image feel a little "softer" and less glaring.

Just my .02.

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