HOW TO: Nostromo N50/N52 Speedpad

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HOW TO: Nostromo N50/N52 Speedpad

Postby Azerthoth » Sun Dec 23, 2007 5:26

Nostromo N50/N52 with Linux

Getting the Nostromo game pads working with linux is a pretty straight forward process.
The first thing you will need to do is download the drivers from sourceforge
*note* you want the nostromo_n50 drivers NOT nostromodriver */note*

Once you have them downloaded, unpack them however and where ever you care to.

The rest of this will be done from terminal, so open one up.

1: cd into the folder that you just unpacked
(ex cd /home/jim/downloads/nostromo_n50-1.3)
2: type configure
3: go root with su
4: type make && make install
5: type chmod a+rw /dev/input/event1
6: exit root

Next we will save ourselves a headache, there is an oddity or two with the $PATH variable in Sabayon, so we are going to cheat a bit with a workaround. First we need to get back to the base of our user home. Then type in the 2 lines after that.
1: cd ~/
2: echo "alias nostromo_config='sudo nostromo_config'" >> .bashrc
3: echo "alias nostromo_daemon='sudo nostromo_daemon'" >> .bashrc

For those aliases to work you will have to log out and back in. Barring that you could just type in everything in between the quotes and it will work fine without having to relog. But if you dont do the echo bit or otherwise put them in your .bashrc file once you log out or reboot it will be lost and you'll curse me to high heaven.

Now either relog or hopefully you also just followed the advice and entered everything between the quotes as. I will proceed with the assumption that you did. If you didn't now is a good time to because otherwise you will fail miserably ... be warned.

1: type nostromo_config
2: enter your password
3: in Configs select New Configuration
4: give it a name
5: OK
6: in Configs select Save and Close
7: type nostromo_daemon

*note* you MUST make a configuration, even a blank one, prior to starting the daemon */note*

There should now be a new little icon in your system tray. That will allow you to select profiles or reload profiles if your editing them while the daemon is running.

There you have it, your Nostromo Speed Pad should be functioning, its up to you to make your profiles.
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