WMP300N (BCM43xG chipset), locking up on connection SOLVED

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WMP300N (BCM43xG chipset), locking up on connection SOLVED

Postby Gzus666 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 23:48

Ok, running 3.4f-64 KDE. Using a Linksys WMP300N (BCM43xG Chipset) card and Linksys router, WPA1 secured. Loaded the 64 bit driver using ndiswrapper. when I try to connect, it always gets to 85%, and locks my entire desktop. Ive noticed that it doesn't give choices between DHCP or manual IP setup when I connect to it using the network manager, is this normal? I checked lspci, everything is normal there. Did a dmesg, no problems there. checked lsmod for any other drivers trying to run, nothing there either, anyone got any ideas?

Also, how do you setup the module auto load so I don't have to keep reloading the module every time I boot, can't remember the command to setup the file for the life of

Figured it out, im retarded, should have remembered to blacklist the bcm43xx and put ndiswrapper in the auto load
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