sata2 raid

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sata2 raid

Post by bigotto » Wed Nov 21, 2007 13:37

I'm trying to install sabayon 3.4f on asrock conroe xfire sata2 raid motrherboard,
but during partition phase, I got an error related to my striped disks (raid0)
and the drive does'nt result in the device list.

In bios settings i've specified "RAID".

you think that it's possible to reuse my exixting sata raid0 partion or i have to format it
and create a raid with linux raid software?

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Re: sata2 raid

Post by WarraWarra » Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:28

If the only os / partitions on it would end up being linux related then see here in the forums some raid related posts I have made and other to get it done.

Might have to use a cheat code at cd /dvd boot " dodmraid " if not already there.
then once in live cd /dvd have to create a new software raid not hardware raid.
Take the hd1 and make it as FD using cfdisk "linux auto raid partition" , same with hd 2 . Reboot or not ?? no clue.

next create the partitions and then copy them over using the links in other posts here in the forum.

then sync the partitions into 1 for each , having /boot as non raid partition ext2 if possible or not synced not sure here.

Then format them and install or foramt + lvm + install.

I got stuck with trying to have both ntfs and linux paritions on the same hd / raid so just ended up with software raid and for linux only. Rather have virtualbox images from inside linux run gunkloads xp.

You might be able to just use lvm instead of lvm ontop of raid0 not sure have to play around with it. ... aid#p65295

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