Encore Wireless-G USB Adapter (ENUWI-G2)

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Encore Wireless-G USB Adapter (ENUWI-G2)

Post by Xerus » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:43

Works! :D Uses the rtl8187 kernel module in Sabayon 3.4f.

KNetworkManager won't activate it automatically but once I select my essid from the KNetworkManager menu the wired ethernet is disabled and the wireless connects.

Completely disabling the wired ethernet may fix that and I may test that in the future. It is not an issue for me since I don't shut down my system too much.

It cost me under $20 with shipping :cyclopsani: from NewEgg but I originally saw it in an e-mail from Surplus Computer (only $1 difference). After some research (Google), I found info in an Ubuntu forum that it had worked using ndiswrapper so I got one.

I'm pleased with the results and just wished to pass it on.

Hope y'all get similar or better results!

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