WG111v2 USB problem

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WG111v2 USB problem

Postby blackecho101 » Fri Nov 16, 2007 4:49

I'm extremely new to linux, i successfully managed to install wine (quite an ordeal for me) and now I'm trying to install either Ndiswrapper or use the KNetworkManager to work with my WG111v2, when i view KInfoCenter it shows it in the USB devices and it seems to recognize it but when i open KNetworkManager it doesn't show any modems or any wireless networks. I also cant figure out how to install Ndiswrapper because i cant figure out how to put a link to the kernel in the place it wants me to... idk... I'm weirded out... Also the reason I'm using Sabayon is because my not-so-legal version of vista crashed on me, i don't really want to lose the stuff on my second HDD but its partitioned as a NTFS and wont mount correctly, i think i read somewhere you can only mount FAT file systems on linux but i know there are programs out there that allow full read/write capability for NTFS file systems on linux, can someone point me to an easy-to-install one so i can try and figure it out? Thanks.
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