Help-How to install Sabayon on usb HDD?

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Baby Hen
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Help-How to install Sabayon on usb HDD?

Post by natsume » Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:31

Hello and thank you for your attention!
I am a newbie to linux and my problem is that i do not know how to install sabayon to my usb hdd.
I want it not just to be a bootable lice-cd emulation, but also to be able to save my settings and info to it.
If anyone can, pls help with some easy to understand (i am really new to linux) tutorials or stuff. :)

Baby Hen
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Re: Help-How to install Sabayon on usb HDD?

Post by d3roga » Tue Dec 04, 2007 10:40

If I understood correctly what you are trying to do is a live USB. There seems to be quite plenty of information on this topic around. But to point you a few:

For some background always start with wikipedia: 8)

Sabayon being Gentoo-based distribution here is two quite good looking Gentoo based guides: ... entoo.html

I'm quite sure that with some small variations you can adjust Gentoo guides to apply Sabayon.

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Re: Help-How to install Sabayon on usb HDD?

Post by nebster » Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:26

Copy it over as a live dvd (extract from iso), install bootloader (you have to use ext2/3 as fat makes it crash I think) and boot with the command Xistance or something like that. This allows it to save data

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