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Re: compiz & kde sessions

Post by rand.a » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:20

Stupot wrote:loading superkaramba via Autostart does not start the individual widgets themselves, just the program.
Not true.

Taken from the Superkaramba Handbook:

How do I set up my themes to run automatically on startup?
Turn on KDE session support in the KDE Control Center. When session
support is enabled, any theme that is left running when you logout will
automatically start on startup. For some themes you will also need to
right mouse button click and reload the theme at least once after running
it so that the config file will get written to your home directory.Another
solution is to create a desktop config file in the KDE autostart directory.To
create a desktop config file, open an editor and enter the following:

[ Desktop Entry ]
Exec = superkaramba { location of theme file }. theme
Name ={ theme name }
Type = Application
X -KDE - StartupNotify = false
Then save it as themename.desktop into the autostart directory at $KDE-

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Re: compiz & kde sessions

Post by Stupot » Tue Oct 02, 2007 15:49

I think this was the answer he was looking for. Coincidently, I can also use it.

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Re: compiz & kde sessions

Post by frankifol » Tue Oct 02, 2007 17:54

I should try but I think that inserting superkaramba in auotostart cause the superkramba manager to pop up at every boot....Not a great issue, but itchy

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Re: compiz & kde sessions

Post by koch » Tue Oct 02, 2007 23:59

yes, it does pop up, i tried it 2 weeks ago.
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Re: compiz & kde sessions

Post by frankifol » Sun Nov 11, 2007 1:07

I'm not using sabayon at this moment, but I managed to configure compiz-fusion in arch linux solving the problems exposed in this discussion. I installed all the packages of compiz. Then, to autostart compiz fusion I proceded in this way:

1: I created a file I put in autostart in kde. This is the file:

[Desktop Entry]

I named it fusionicon.desktop. When kde starts it founds in autostart this file. fusionicon.desktop send to /home/fusionicon

2: I created another file, named fusionicon. I put it in home, the saome directory fusionicon.desktop points to. It is a very simple script. That's it:

sleep 3
/usr/bin/emerald --replace &
sleep 6

It starts emerald (the winndow decorator I uses) and fusion-icon. The sleep command gives a time delay that let kde load all processes before loading fusion-icon. This is usefull because in this way you have all the precesses in the systray and not floating in the desktop. You can change the time delay increasing the sleep value. For my system 6 is good

3: I put fusion-icon between the processes I don't want kde remember in a new session in kcontrol. I also set kde to remember the previous session.
When I boot the system I have only one fusion-icon in the loaded processes.

In this way when I boot the system I have loaded all the processes I have in the previous session but I have only one fusio-icon.

Now, it's a very simple way to solve problem. Archlinux let me do this without problem. Why sabayon don't?

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