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WiFi trouble

Postby slipkorn » Wed Nov 07, 2007 13:18

Hi, I have a series of problems with my Sabayon 4.3f, with a Broadcom 4310 rev 1. He is not nothing of drivers, or that I suppose, since it detects the networks to me. The main problem comes to be that it is not connected to any network. When the percentage appears the globe indicating of the process of connection when router, it remains clogged in "forming wifi" or "forming adapter", nonmemory very well, and jumps a precious message to me saying "has not been able to connect of the sort with - SSID-"(o). The thing is that with net-setup if with himself to connect to me, however, only if I am closely together of router (to more than 3 meters, it extinguishes and vámonos) and with the signal either without basing or with a coding wep, with WPA and WPA2 I cannot using net-setup. I suspect that he is something related to the Sabayon, since I have installed it in another equipment totally different from mine and has the same problem exactly. Somebody knows what can be/some possible solution? From my ignorance I suspect that alo better updating kernel, the cabezeras or nobody panafernalia of these can that are solved, in such case, how would become? because I come from Ubuntu, and of that Synaptics was in charge, but here nonencounter not at all seemed: ( .
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