L.C.D HD modes and nvidia drivers

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L.C.D HD modes and nvidia drivers

Post by alphamajestic » Fri Oct 19, 2007 21:08

I have recently installed Sabayon 3.4f and all is well with my 3D desktop etc.
However my nvidia 6800gs video card is out putting my Samsung l.c.d tv's native resolution of 1280x720.
Which wouldn't seem to be a problem, however some of my desktop is missing at this resolution and I have tried to edit the xorg.conf file.
So it outputs the tv's top resolution of 1366x768.This doesn't work and I think it's the nvidia drivers auto detecting the screens native resalution and over riding the xorg file.I know my l.c.d screen is fine at 1360x768 bcause my xbox360 outputs it fine on the screen.
I have found that some people are using the app xvidtune to fix this. Or is sudo nvidia-xconfig the answer.I can't be the only noob with this problem,please help my nerdy linux friends.......

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Re: L.C.D HD modes and nvidia drivers

Post by momocore » Sat Oct 20, 2007 14:29

Can you post your xorg.conf file?

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