Multiple desktops/backgrounds

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Baby Hen
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Multiple desktops/backgrounds

Post by tox » Fri Oct 19, 2007 6:57

Hi, I'm new to Linux/Sabayon... I was looking around the forum and was wondering if anyone ever figured out how to have separate desktop pictures for the desktops 1-4? I try to put a different picture for each, but the stupid "all desktops" seems to always keep it to one, any help would be highly appreciated.. Thanks. :D

Buckeye Jack
Baby Hen
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Re: Multiple desktops/backgrounds

Post by Buckeye Jack » Mon Oct 22, 2007 23:23

Hey tox,
right click on the desktop and click the config desktop (its a wrench). On the top right under change background settings change the setting from all desktops to whatever desktop you want to put a picture on. then repeat for the rest of your desktops. This is in KDE not sure of gnome probably similar though.
Hope this helps, Jack

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