Problem with Wireless device, constant disconnecting.

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Problem with Wireless device, constant disconnecting.

Post by soloingbastard » Wed Oct 17, 2007 19:00

Hey, im experiencing a realy weird and annoying problem, that i have had and have been unable to resolve previously.
I have a

driver: rt2570

I dont use Knetwork manager for it as it doesnt work, and i activate it as such.

Code: Select all

modprobe rt2570
ifconfig rausb0 up
iwconfig rausb0 essid Redington
Point is, while im using P2P, usualy while im uploading and downloading simulataneously and worse when there are lots of them, after a differing period of time, my belkin seems to over-heat and no longer work. I cant re-connect to the network and when i take it out the comp freezes, only method so far is restarting, which i can't do when im not present. Any ideas?

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Re: Problem with Wireless device, constant disconnecting.

Post by dave_p_b » Thu Oct 18, 2007 13:26


You might get some answers by visiting the rt2x00 forums for the rt2570 card here.

Also, have you got the latest rt2570 drivers, found here. (The cvs hourly release).

If you do use the latest drivers then you will want to un-emerge the rt2570 package from portage first. Then search for rt2570.ko file in /lib/modules/2.6.22-sabayon/ (if it exists) and delete that before you install the latest drivers.

All the best


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