Linux drivers for over 235 models of webcam

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Linux drivers for over 235 models of webcam

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Tue Oct 09, 2007 13:56

The letters page in the November (sic) issue of Linux Format magazine has a letter about Linux drivers for webcams that I think could be of interest to some of you:

"Your hardware feature (LXF95 - USB Devices) stated on p44 that both the Logitech Webcam and the Hercules Blog Webcam have no drivers available and that you were unable to get them working. Thankfully, readers don't generally need to do this at all. A French doctor and Linux enthusiast, Michel Xhaard, has hand-written Linux webcam drivers for 235+ webcams including all of the commonly available chipsets. This means that not only will the Logitech webcam work under Linux, but also the vast majority, if not all, pf the generic GBP 5 bargain-basement types in most computer shops!
Thanks to Dr Xhaard, you can visit his site and download binary driver installation packages for several distros (.rpm and .deb) and/or .tar.gz packages. I managed to get a fairly new Logitech webcam I had lying around recognised and fully working in two clicks using the Fedora .rpm provided on his site. There's a nice interview with, and homage to, Dr Xhaard at
Lee P Yates, Southport"

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Re: Linux drivers for over 235 models of webcam

Post by madcow983 » Wed Oct 10, 2007 23:30

This package is already installed in Sabayon, his name is "gspcav1"
There is also a gspca package that is usefull only for old kernels!

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