proxy authentication - university wireless, net not working

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proxy authentication - university wireless, net not working

Postby mikey0000 » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:18

ok my first problems were with getting my wireless to go, now thats been solved
second was proxy and authentication
what i have done is placed two files in profile.d called and proxy.csh
each have the proxy and username password settings as such (http://username:[email protected]:3128

i have set up proxyies for firefox and konquor in the gui, and nether of them work, emerge does not work.
but im connected to the wireless and i have a ip address WTF!!!

firefox says can't find proxy and so does konquor, emerge gives me a i can't find the address im after and doesnt even use the proxy?

please help me i really dont want to keep using M$ vista
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