What is the (second) simplest way to run Windows games?

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Re: What is the (second) simplest way to run Windows games?

Postby handy » Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:41

I doubt that all of the games you listed will run under Wine.
Here is a link to their app' database page: http://appdb.winehq.org/

& this link goes into great detail on how-to:

They should give you an idea of what will run, at what level & how to make it happen.

The only way you will really find out if Linux suits you & yours is to give it a try. Dual boot means that you have not lost anything whilst you learn from the experience.

If you are a bit geeky you will most likely love it, though the initial learning curve loops the loop. After a month you will be getting pretty used to the Linux differences, after 2 months you may very well be addicted! :-) Or not, horses for courses...

It's nice to have so many choices in operating systems, & all the *nix's are getting so much better so much faster, it is a really wonderful time in their development right now.
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