Help with Nexuiz pls...someone, anyone??

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Baby Hen
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Help with Nexuiz pls...someone, anyone??

Post by oowop » Mon Oct 08, 2007 4:17

i downloaded the maps for Nexuiz and i have them stored at ~/Desktop/Newder/data and need to copy them to /usr/games/bin.

only thing is when i try to do that, it tells me i need permission to do so. how do i change permissions? or is there a way for me to login as root to do that specific action?

or is there a way i can do it in Konsole?

oh and second, before i forget, when i first started playing nexuiz, it was running nice. online im talkin about. then after a few games, it became really choppy and laggy/laggin. like i'd fire my rockets and move forward, and i'd prolly get to da spot in front of me, the same time the rockets actually get there. not sure why? but life goes on.


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Re: Help with Nexuiz pls...someone, anyone??

Post by wolfden » Mon Oct 08, 2007 4:30

open konsole and type kdesu konqueror

enter password when prompt

you are root

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