Can't get a connection to the internet.

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Baby Hen
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Can't get a connection to the internet.

Post by Savon » Fri Oct 05, 2007 14:38

Hi all,

I've installed Sabayon with KDE thru the graphical installation option on the LiveDVD.
I do get DHCP from my router but i'm not getting a connection to the internet.
I can't open any webpage in Konqueror or Firefox.
I do see a default gateway to my router when i issue a 'route' command and i do see DNS pointing to my router when i cat /etc/resolv.conf.
I cannot trouceroute to an address outside of my network.

Btw, Sabayon is beautiful!



Sagely Hen
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Re: Can't get a connection to the internet.

Post by WarraWarra » Fri Oct 05, 2007 18:16

net-setup as root in terminal or right click knetworkmanager next to time and connect wifi or lan if not already or the router has something in it blocked for your conenction.

Best is to for the cable modem / adsl modem you can likely enter it or ping it if motorola cable modem, if good then cable company / telco isp is having issues if you can not get past modem to internet.
Kill the power on all routers + modems for 5 mins and power back up then try again = ? 5mins very important = gets rid of static build up and gives it time to update firmware on restart or update dhcp from telco / isp.

Likely the router has had a ip change or something and or not updated its dhcp from the modem.

resolv.conf only passes it onto router then to modem and then to dns or something like this and no isp dns in resolv.conf = likely modem to router or isp to modem to router is funky.

This should help or try another os / pc and see if internet is workign then might have to try something else.

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