Cedega vs Wine for Mactel

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Cedega vs Wine for Mactel

Post by Aktariel » Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:24

My list of games:

Painkiller+Battle out of Hell
Advent Rising
Halo 1

Far Cry

So my question is, teach me the ways of Windows emulation on Linux. I have a C2D MacBookPro with ATI graphics card [NOT Santa Rosa], and I'm trying to understand the wonderful ways of gaming for Linux. Can anyone explain or point me to something that does? Thank you - much appreciated.

EDIT: I guess my real question is, should I use Wine or Cedega for gaming on Linux? Or both?

I have not yet installed Sabayon on my laptop, but I expect I will very very shortly.

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Re: Cedega vs Wine for Mactel

Post by ScottishDuckHunter » Thu Oct 04, 2007 20:35

I have to be perfectly honest and say that a Mac is'nt up to games, even natively on OSX or Windows.

I would reccommend wine but always keep it updated. It may work but a mix of ATi/Mac is a recipe for disaster.

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