Compiz (Beryl) quit working with Sabayon 3.4 a/e/f... Beryl

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Compiz (Beryl) quit working with Sabayon 3.4 a/e/f... Beryl

Post by ddailey » Fri Sep 28, 2007 12:22

When I upgraded to 3.4a, (then 3.4e, and then 3.4f), I couldn't get Compiz-fusion to work. It works great during a livecd session (windows flop and wiggle around, and the cube spins to my delight). When I copy the xorg.conf from the livecd session, and save it on the hard drive, it makes no difference. I can get the acceleration manager to start and I select XGL ( or whatever it is for ATI cards). Also, I think that OpenGL is working too because TORCS works with about 60-70 fps and FlightGear looks good.
When I had 3.2 and 3.3 installed, Beryl worked fine.
In the "cube" icon at the top of the screen, I select Compiz and Emerald as the window decorator.

Another thing that may be helpful, but it doesn't worry me, is when Dangerdeep tries to show something 3d, it just quits.

Could somebody give me some tips on how to get it working? Or where to get started?
It's a Laptop with
ATI Radeon Express 200M
2GB ram
AMD Turion 64 (Model ML-37)

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